Production Planning

Selling options exampleThe consultants at Chris Richards and Associates are able to offer production advise based on practical knowledge and experience formed over the years from operating and visiting a variety of pig production systems around the world.


Productions systems such as batch farrowing, multi-site production, early weaning and continuous flow can be assessed and recommendations made to ensure optimal production.


Evaluation of production data using PigPULSE can be peformed by our registered facilitators.


SellingOptions- New Pig Marketing Tool Available


One of the tools CRA has developed is a computer program , "SellingOptions", designed to assess the various selling options piggeries have available to sell their pigs. As there are numerous abattoirs buying and paying on different grids, it is difficult to determine if the pigs you sell are obtaining the optimum margin achievable.


This model also gives an indication of the best age to sell pigs. To determine this the model takes into account; abattoir grids and pricing, feed costs, transport costs to the different abattoirs, dressing percentages, average daily gain and cost of production.


Our service involves analysing your kills sheets against your current and other grids to improve your decision making ability.